Which message is driving conversions? Which one is turning people off? Are my campaigns conflicting? How much money is my mobile marketing platform generating?

These questions and many more are often posed to us, and symptomatic of an indirect attribution system being in place (one that cannot accurately connect an individual message to a specific user, to a specific outcome). Such models are still sadly common in mobile marketing vendors, but using time decay, attribution windows or other such inference models to tie events back to a specific message or campaign does not provide the marketer with enough information to make confident decisions and assessments of the mobile marketing performance. Matters are exasperated when we consider the number of message types and channels available to influence a user’s behaviour (Push, Interstitials, In-app, Alerts, Rich Inbox, Email, SMS, Web Messaging, TV and so forth), so understanding which of these is working and which ones you need to invest in becomes a task of guesswork.

Thankfully, the data does exist, regardless of the marketing platform, but pulling it together requires analysts with years of experience understanding how to join seemingly disparate sets of data together into a full and accurate picture. Once completed however, the reports, typically surfaced in Tableau, can continue to run and update dynamically, showing you the true power and value from individual message level up to campaigns and your overall strategy! Once you have this information, obtaining investment and understanding where to place this investment becomes far simpler as a marketing manager, and we have seen this happen time and time again.

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