An effective Mobile Marketing solution can’t exist in isolation. The insights and data it gathers are valuable to other systems, and the feedback from those systems is also essential to the optimal running of Mobile campaigns. With the potential for some of these systems to be very large indeed, and some exceptionally technical, connecting the dots isn’t always so easy. The essence for such integrations is most easily demonstrated if you consider an ESP platform working alongside your Mobile Marketing solution. If you have set up a new user journey using both Mobile Push and email, how do you ensure that users are not hit with two messages at every touchpoint in the campaign? Exchanging Push and email opt-in data between the two platforms is an easy solution to this….

Data integration projects are a perfect example of where our technical and marketing Consultants work hand-in-hand; together they will analyse, design and help implement an effective data feedback loop for those systems that need it, and also help implement real-time event-driven messaging to form a gateway between your event processing platforms and your marketing solution. Commonly, these links and integrations are missing in all but the most mature Mobile Marketing implementations, even though they are essential for any marketing strategy to be considered truly effective.

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