App Store Optimization (ASO)

Elevate your ASO strategy.

Today, we all have choices. There are multiple apps for every need – all angling for our attention. For digital platform-based businesses, it’s never been more important to stand out.

With the right App Store Optimization strategy, you’ll beat the competition by making your app more visible, increasing your share of voice, and converting the traffic you attract.

We offer expertise, proprietary methods, and tools that make sure your app – is the one that’s chosen. 

Get started.

We’ll kick things off by assessing your ASO maturity and auditing your storefront’s conversion potential. This helps us lay the foundations of your ASO strategy; setting you up for success.

Core services

  • Market research 
  • Competitor resear
  • Advanced CRO audit
  • Advanced ASO audit

Test and learn

Through experimentation and a structured testing approach, we’ll find out exactly what appeals to your target audience. Then we’ll use that insight to define the strategy most likely to enhance your visibility and convert your organic traffic to installs. 

Core services

  • Search and browse optimization
  • A/B testing experimentation
  • Rating and review strategy implementation
  • In-App events and LiveOps
  • Custom Product Pages

Optimize to stay on top.

To continue outmaneuvring your competition, you need to keep watching and learning. Not only can we keep an eye on market trends, but we’ll use your own data – from your paid and organic search activity – to help you stay ahead.

Core services

  • 24/7 Competitor and market insights
  • Daily performance check-ins
  • Monthly strategy updates
  • Seasonal strategy updates
  • CMA proprietary real-time search traffic

With the help of CMA, a very time-consuming complex problem turned into a simple solution, where we could use one template that could easily be translated into 18 languages dynamically, this saved time and effort and the ability to become more agile as a team.

- Jignasha Patel, Associate Vice President at Exinity/FXTM

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