IAM_Screen5If you’re running above-the-line media campaigns and unsure as to how to track these successfully, or you’re questioning the supposedly ‘attributed’ download numbers or web views you’ve been given from your agency, then the Influenced Attribution Model (IAM) may be exactly what you’re looking for. Built by a team of analysts, rich with experience in the mobile app, marketing, data & analytics arenas, the IAM employs an incredibly sophisticated algorithm to take your media plans and acquisition data, and turn them into something meaningful – a campaign attribution report for ANY ATL campaign run on TV, display, printed, radio (or any other tough-to-measure media), that have been thus far incredibly difficult to measure the success and ROI of. It will even attribute installations, events or web views that may have been the result of remarketing and were previously 100% attributed to other digital acquisition channels such as Facebook (incorrectly)!

ConsultMyApp IAM ScreenshotCMA will work as an extension to your own marketing team, providing complete transparency and weekly meetings to discuss the findings, data and reports, and give you the opportunity to understand more about your own campaigns. This then allows you to adjust your media spend across all your channels, closing the loop and creating a fully data-driven and truly efficient campaign strategy.CMA IAM Screenshot

If you’d like to talk to us about how we can transform your marketing strategy and empower it with attribution data that was, until now, pure guesswork, don’t hesitate to reach out to us using the form below, or by emailing info@consultmyapp.com, and one of the team will be in touch straight away.


**For an infographic summarising the IAM Model, please click here