BI & Data Analytics

Accumulating data? That’s easy. But extracting business value? That’s where we come in.

It’s only by translating data to insight that you can convert it to value. By optimizing your Martech ecosystem, we can connect your cross-channel data, give you a single view of your customer, and deliver insight that will drive growth.

With in-depth knowledge and experience across platforms, our highly experienced team can integrate and optimize your Martech stack to extract business value from it quickly.

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Discover your data, and potential.

In this discovery phase, we delve into your existing BI and analytics set-up and capture your requirements to define a strategic roadmap that will pave the way to better insight.

Core services

  • Data architecture review
  • Identify key data sources
  • Capture BI requirements
  • BI and analytics strategy
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Implement informed solutions.

With a clear view of your objectives, we’ll build a solution tailored to you. Whether that’s building your architecture from scratch or enhancing your existing set-up.

Core services

  • Data integration and migration
  • Data modelling
  • Data warehouse build
  • Analytics platform and solution build
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And continuously improve.

Gain the advantage over competitors with actionable insights from real-time data across your Martech stack. Speeding up decision and fast-tracking optimization.

Core services

  • Analytics as a Service
  • Acquisition and retention analytics
  • Campaign uplift analytics
  • Ad-hoc dashboard build

Having achieved significant scale in a very short period, Tide is focused on maintaining steady and sustainable growth. We have worked to ensure all channels are optimized for effective paid and organic acquisition, with app stores being crucial to this. We have benefited greatly from CMA’s support and advice and have seen considerable results from the partnership.

– Kerstin Reichert, Digital Marketing Manager for Tide


Discover your data’s potential

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