Spending money on user acquisition, if it’s not focused correctly, can easily become a wasted or inefficient budget. Intangible exercises for ‘brand awareness’ or ‘profile building’ should be treated with caution, and without the ability to accurately measure the results from such engagements they can yield very little from a large amount of money. CMA work closely with our clients in a consultative manner to create and implement a transparent and quantifiable acquisition approach, tailored to their brand.


CMA “Foundations of Acquisition” is a unique 2-phase approach to this problem that drives down CPI and drives up acquired user LTV, allowing you to get far more from your existing acquisition budget. Most clients that take this service have been concerned not just with how much money was being spent, but also around the quality of the users they were acquiring. Sending junk traffic to your App not only produces zero commercial benefit, it also cripples your user retention metric, negatively affecting any future business valuation and fund raising attempts.


In phase 1 we start by identifying your business goals, challenges, targets and budget, and then use these to guide the entire project. We review your digital footprint using a small media test budget to establish;

  1. Are you targeting the right demographics?
  2. Are the acquisition channels the right ones for your App and demographic?
  3. Is the current brand, ad creative & message copy the optimal one for your audience?
  4. Is the Lifetime Value of the traffic being generated sufficient to maintain and grow your brand compared to the CPI?

From this first phase, you’ll have a tested and proven digital footprint, brand and media plan that outlines the preferred acquisition channels, target demographics and optimal creative/ad-copy. This can either then be taken in-house and run by your own team, or managed by the CMA team as a second phase, who will not only execute the plan, but also continue to improve its performance.


Taking the digital footprint, and media test/optimization results we’ve generated in Phase 1, we start to gradually apply more significant media spend to our target channels whilst constantly reviewing how well they are performing (keen to switch off any which are delivering sub-standard results). We do this across all paid & unpaid social media, ad networks, and any above-the-line advertising channels being used. All creatives, ad copy, social posts and video/interactive media are created and managed by in-house experts, who apply years of expertise to create content which resonates perfectly with the target demographic(s), as well as executing A/B tests to continuously improve them.

Phase 2 delivers a fully-managed & continuously optimized user acquisition strategy, demonstrating a vast improvement on your original install volumes, LTV, retention and CPI metrics, all using the same (or less) budget.


This completely managed service has yielded some incredible uplifts for our clients, not only reducing CPI by up to 20%, but also improving user retention & LTV by 5-10%. In addition to these uplifts, these engagements have an incredible impact to their businesses, making funding rounds easier, and also providing complete transparency into where acquisition money is going, and exactly what it’s providing in return.

To talk to one of the team about how we could improve your current acquisition strategy, don’t hesitate to email us at info@consultmyapp.com, or contact us using the form below as we’d love to hear from you!