At CMA, we like to focus on getting things done, and pride ourselves on the quality and timeliness of our deliveries. We’re not about providing inflated, meaningless reports that never get actioned and yield little benefit to the client; we aim to truly understand our customers and propose a set of deliverables and outcomes that immediately demonstrate our value. This puts us in a great position to be engaged either on a day-rate basis, or as a fixed-cost deliverable project team, defined by a Statement of Work.

Our Consultants, based in London, have come from some of the largest agencies, Consulting firms and games developers in the world, with vast experience working on both small startup projects and global Apps with MAU in the hundreds of millions. Whatever your requirements, whether they be training, short tactical projects or longer term strategic engagements, we have a dedicated team on hand to help you realise your vision.

Please reach out to us either using the form below, or emailing, and we’ll arrange a brief discovery call to understand how we can help you deliver on your Mobile requirements.