Platform Onboarding

Finding your set-up for success.

We’re an expert team of implementation consultants and systems integrators, and we help bring lasting value to your business by setting you up for success on your chosen platform. We kick off your first campaign, establish best practices, and instil your workforce with the know-how required to get the most out of your new tools. 

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Finding your focus.

Are you looking to improve your real-time messaging, personalisation, or launch a new engagement channel? We will start the onboarding by aligning on your goals and targets for the duration of the project. 

Core services

  • Focus for the onboarding
  • Channels required
  • SDKs required
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Preparing for success.

Our systems integrators will help guide your technical teams through the integration of the platform, working in sync with the requirements from your marketing teams.

Core services

  • SDK integration guidance
  • API data import/export guidance
  • Data plan review
  • Platform optimisation
  • IP warmup guidance
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Launching your MVP campaigns.

Once all integrations are completedit’s time to launch your MVP campaigns. We will guide your teams on how to build those comms in the platform, all the way to measuring the tool’s continued success after launch.

Core services

  • Launch campaigns
  • Analytics overview
  • Best practices

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