Managing multi-lingual CRM on a global scale.

Delivering engaging digital experiences for the multinational customers of an award-winning broker, using a world-class localization platform.

The scenario

The FXTM Group is one of the fastest growing global leaders in online financial trading and investing. 

Its operations span 180 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. With over four million clients speaking 16 different languages, it’s a truly global enterprise. 

When you’re working on this scale, CRM can be exceedingly complex. FXTM had to create 16 different versions of its campaigns, including 18 language-specific HTMLs for emails. Analysis was problematical and often languages had to be skipped due to lack of resources. 

We set out to improve FXTM’s localization management, building a better way for it to handle omni-channel campaigns across different countries.

Project Information

May, 2020 - now
Customer Engagement


full time working days saved per month


languages seamlessly supported

Our approach.

We wanted a solution that would raise the quality of digital campaigns, whilst also reducing overheads. We tapped into the Braze Technology Partner ecosystem to find the answer: Transifex. This is a localization platform, with an out-of-the-box integration to Braze. 

All the copy that FXTM wanted to use in its campaigns – including emails, push notifications and in-app messages – was uploaded onto Transifex in English. This was translated by third-party agencies and freelancers, then automatically pulled into the campaigns via connected content. 

By making use of features such as translation memory, FXTM could reuse localized copy strings across campaigns, ensuring consistency across diverse markets and reducing translation costs.

The results.

FXTM now has a better way to manage its campaigns seamlessly in 17 languages. Implementation, testing, deployment, and analysis are all much quicker. In fact, we saved the business an impressive 26 full time working days, freeing up valuable resource to focus on core strategy. 

We’re continuing to work with FXTM to deliver localized and bespoke experiences to customers everywhere, whilst also controlling complexity and cost. This ranges from liquid language to webhooks and data feeds, so they display different images, payment methods and trading data based on a user’s profile and behavior. 

The ConsultMyApp team has become a strategic partner of our marketing group. Their expertise in ASO and ASA has helped us significantly improve app performance, especially around critical events like the Kentucky Derby.

- Evan Morris, Director of Marketing at Twinspires

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