Turning catastrophe to conversions for O2's Priority app.

Before the pandemic, Priority offered O2’s customers great perks, from gig tickets to free coffees. Then lockdown made them unexpectedly worthless. We helped turn things around by dialling up the appeal of the new rewards.

The scenario

O2 is an award-winning mobile network operator that connects people across the UK and beyond.  Its Priority app offers exclusive rewards to customers, including preferential tickets to gigs and events, and great deals from high street shops and eateries.

Not surprisingly, it’s very popular with O2’s customers. But in March 2020, the rewards were rendered obsolete. With the UK’s first national lockdown, they lost their value overnight.

O2 quickly changed Priority’s focus to at-home rewards: virtual events, gaming tournaments, online fitness classes and free weekly Calm sessions. But it wasn’t out of the woods yet. It needed to spread the word to customers, to keep them engaged and entertained through some pretty dark days. 

Project Information

May, 2020 - now
Customer Acquisition


Market share increase


Conversion rate increase


download volume increase

Our approach.

Our priority (pun intended) was App Store Optimization. We needed to make sure the new group of products and offers were coming up in a variety of related searches and autocompletes, in order to get in front of the broadest possible audience.

To start with, we updated the descriptions to better reflect the change in rewards. We aligned keywords with search terms that were likely to mirror lockdown life. Then we coupled this with enticing app store creative, using imagery that would boost Priority’s appeal and tempt downloads.

After testing and iterating on multiple different versions, we settled on the version that led to some epic results.

The results.

We turned a recipe for disaster into a recipe for downloads. By understanding who we were targeting, the offers they’d be interested in and the best way to reach them, Priority’s conversion rate increased by 28%; the download volume increased by 54% and market share increased by a huge 78%.

O2 Robot doing thumbs up

CMA’s support to optimise and improve visibility, ranking and effectiveness of the Priority app in app stores has been invaluable in helping us to reach O2 customers.

– Meena Kalia, Marketing Manager at Priority, O2