Helping PureGym reactivate its ex-members.

How do you bring back former clients, even when you don’t have their contact details?

The scenario

PureGym is one of the largest gyms in Europe. It was the first ever UK gym to reach over a million members, and now has more than 500 gyms across the UK, Denmark and Switzerland.

Member retention plays a large part in this success, so it’s not surprising that PureGym wanted to reconnect with ex-members and bring them back to their local facilities. However, the team was missing contact details for a large number of people.

Our long-term relationship with PureGym meant that we were in a prime position to help them find innovative ways to re-engage with these former customers.

Project Information

May, 2020 - now
Customer Engagement


increase in clickthrough rate


higher open rate


higher conversion rate 
for retargeting

Our approach.

We used the Braze Canvas tool to test PureGyms’s customer journeys across multiple channels: this allowed us to target both email and SMS audiences.

We then optimized content to add more value for users. This included creating count-down timer GIFs to motivate members to take up offers, adding personalisation and implementing a change in sending cadence to increase open rates.

The results.

For the first time, PureGym was able to set up a retargeting campaign based on the specific needs of each former customer.

By reaching the right audience at the right time with the right message, we maximized the effectiveness of the campaign, increasing the open rate by 69%,  click-through rate by 89% and conversion rate by a whopping 206%.

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The ex-member population is so important to our business. With Braze and ConsultMyApp, we can engage them in the right ways, convert them, and bring them back to their local gyms at the right time for each individual member.

– James Edwards, Head of CRM at PureGym

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