Balancing ASO and ASA to reduce costs for Tide.

When paid ads and organic installs are working in harmony, you can boost your app’s visibility without increasing your budget.

The scenario

Tide offers mobile-first business bank accounts for entrepreneurs and small business owners. It has more than 400,000 UK customers, who use its website and app to manage all aspects of their day-to-day finances.

Tide operates in a highly competitive space, working hard to stand out against both high street banks and fintech challenger apps. The team were looking for effective ways to maintain high levels of customer acquisition whilst also bringing down cost-per-acquisition. They also wanted to improve Tide’s visibility in the app stores in order to boost traffic and significantly increase organic acquisition.

As experts in both App Store Optimization (ASO) and Apple Search Ads (ASA) campaigns, we were on hand to help Tide achieve its goals.

Project Information

September, 2021 - now
Customer Acquisition


increase in organic installs after just 3 months


ASA CPI reduction


ASA CPA reduction

Our approach.

Getting an app noticed by a new audience takes a delicate balance. Using paid ads will get it in front of a receptive crowd, but you also need ASO that delivers a great first impression if you want to see high levels of engagement. In combination, paid search campaigns and ASO are powerful tools, with each making the other work harder.

We supported Tide with every aspect of customer acquisition, always keeping its core KPIs at heart.

We built an informed and targeted keyword strategy that supported both ASO and ASA. By looking at the two in tandem, we made sure that Tide’s paid ads were well placed to expand the pool of potential users, rather than cannibalizing organic traffic. This also made sure we got the maximum benefit from paid ads whilst being efficient with the UA spend.

To encourage more people to download, we needed ASO that would stop scrollers in the app store. We reviewed the performance, popularity or price of certain keywords in ASA in order to gain an insight that could feed into our ASO strategy. We optimized and tested multiple creative sets to see which had the most impact. And we also improved Tide’s ratings and review strategy, as these have a strong impact on app store ratings.

By improving all the elements of ASO, from the creative to the technical, and synchronizing it with Apple Search Ad campaigns, we were able to boost business account sign-ups.

The results.

Our work paid off. Within a three-month period, Tide’s app visibility and organic install volumes increased by 140%, while its Cost-Per-Install had dropped by a significant 48%.

We’re delighted to continue our partnership with Tide, delivering ongoing improvements to its app’s marketing performance.

Woman using Apple mac laptop

Having achieved significant scale in a very short period, Tide is focused on maintaining steady and sustainable growth. We have worked to ensure all channels are optimized for effective paid and organic acquisition, with app stores being crucial to this. We have benefited greatly from CMA’s support and advice and have seen considerable results from the partnership.

– Kerstin Reichert, Digital Marketing Manager for Tide