Paid User Acquisition

In the competitive world of mobile app marketing, the laws of attraction are changing constantly.

TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Apple Search Ads, Google Ads… the list goes on. With so many channels to play with, the opportunities to acquire new users are many. But acquiring the right ones profitably and at scale needs a strategic, data-led approach. 

We implement and optimize your paid UA strategies across diverse advertising platforms to drive high conversion traffic to your app, at the lowest possible cost-per-acquisition. 

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Where do we start?

We start by understanding your product’s UA potential and identifying the best opportunities for growth across channels – combining insights from your data with market and competitor insight.

Core services

  • Competitor analysis
  • Market research/Data analysis
  • Establish optimal channel mix (Organic,  TikTok, Meta, Taboola etc.)
  • Media plan budgeting/design
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Launching your engagement.

Having identified your goals, we define a cross-channel strategy to target audiences most likely to boost ROIat scale. With expertise across paid social media, ASA and GAC, we’ll help you drive down CPAs and CPIs, increase downloads and boost acquisitions. 

Core services

  • A/B testing
  • Keyword strategy
  • Channel-specific UA
  • Audience targeting & retargeting
  • ASA & ASO Strategy alignment
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Perfecting your UA strategy.

Continuous improvement is key to the success of your paid UA strategy and ongoing ROI. We track KPIs across your paid and organic acquisition activities to understand where to adjust and optimize.

Core services

  • Continuous KPI analysis
  • Bidding adjustments
  • Seasonality adjustments
  • Renewed audience targeting

The ConsultMyApp team has become a strategic partner of our marketing group. Their expertise in ASO and ASA has helped us significantly improve app performance, especially around critical events like the Kentucky Derby.

- Evan Morris, Director of Marketing at Twinspires

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